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Six major trends in the development of the electrical insulation material

With the development of the economy, the development of the electromechanical industry and new energy technologies, new requirements for insulating materials have become increasingly prominent. Combining the supply and demand key and changing laws of the new material industry for insulation protection, we have some experience in the development of the new insulation material market. We believe that the trend is mainly reflected in six aspects:

1. Develop environmentally friendly insulation materials.

2. Develop high-energy-saving insulating materials and gradually transition to medium-low temperature molding processes.

3. Develop high-pressure PP insulation materials with high dielectric properties and high mechanical properties.

4. Develop high corrosion resistance, especially for corona corrosion and chemical corrosion resistance.

5. Develop insulation materials with high heat resistance.

6. Develop flame retardant insulation materials.

The performance of insulating materials will directly affect the development level of the insulation industry and affect the quality of electrical machinery. This is also an opportunity for insulation companies to improve their core competitiveness and survive in a fierce market.


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